Why Portland, Oregon is Weird and We Like It (With a Glass of Rainstorm Wine)

Austin, Texas may hold the title as the original “weird” city, but Portland has quickly gained notoriety as the weirdo on the West Coast – and we love it! Portland is home to all sorts of odd and awesome things, from shops and restaurants to local scenery and people. Of course, we’re also known for our fabulous Oregon wines (including Rainstorm wines, naturally), but there’s nothing weird about these – they’re just delicious!

Oregon Wines | Rainstorm Wines

Here’s why we’re okay with that adjective being bestowed on our fair city:

  • The Naked Bike Ride: PDX is one of the few places on Earth where, once a year, you’ll find thousands of people riding their bicycles along a predetermined route WHILE COMPLETELY NAKED. Let us repeat that: everyone is completely naked. As in, zero clothes. On bikes. En mass. ‘Nuff said.
  • The Horse Project: Do you like horses? How about tiny, colorful plastic horses tethered to rings scattered along city sidewalks? Well, we like them in Portland, and this is obvious by the hundreds of maned beauties you’ll find randomly throughout our city. Giddy up!
  • The Giant Paul Bunyan Statue: Because who cares that he’s actually supposed to be from Michigan or Minnesota or some other M state? We love him in Portland!
  • Hardcore Scooter Gangs: The Hells Angels they are not, but it would still take a brave soul to confront one of Portland’s notorious moped gangs. Groups such as the Twist n Play and the Moped Army regularly get together to terrorize the city compare paint jobs and putt around the city at about 43 mph, tops.
  • The Peculiarium: Yes, we actually have an entire museum dedicated to the weird. Packed full of oddities like zombie brains and an alien surgery exhibit, this place is definitely bizarre but in a delightful way. And, it’s only $5 to get in. Unless you’re a dog or wearing a particularly spectacular costume, in which case admission is free!

We told you Portland was weird, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Of course, you’ll have to come out and see for yourself, and don’t forget to sample some delicious Oregon wines while you’re here! Rainstorm wines can be found all over the city, so stop into one of our weird bars or restaurants for a glass or five!

Top 10 Beaches in the U.S. – Bring Your Towel and Your Rainstorm Rosé Wine

Nothing says summer like a day at the beach. Lounging in a chaise, waves rolling in, and most importantly, a glass of refreshing Rosé wine  in hand…ahhh. Perfection. And you can make it even more perfect by planning your visit at one of the country’s top-rated beaches. Here are the top 10 beaches to put on your bucket list:

  1. Cannon Beach, Oregon - Located right here in our beautiful home state, Cannon Beach is a perfect example of Mother Nature’s generosity. This stretch of coastline features towering rocks at the edge of the sea, with the 235-foot tall Haystack Rock being the most well-known. Tide pools and a unique cave system make this beach a destination for those seeking both beauty and adventure.Rosé Wine | Rainstorm Wines
  2. Nantucket, Massachusetts – This quintessential New England coastal town is everything you would expect, and more. The natural beauty of the area is stunning, of course, but it’s the quaint town with delightful shops and restaurants, not to mention the weathered cottages along the shore, that make this a true vacation destination.
  3. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – Myrtle Beach is one of this southern state’s premier tourist spots, and for good reason. The expansive stretch of sand is perfect for virtually every beach activity – and between the swimming, fishing, and sunbathing, there are plenty of them going on. There are also a ton of other attractions, such as restaurants, amusement parks, and live entertainment.
  4. Coronado, California – There’s so much to do at Coronado Beach, that sitting with a glass of Rosé wine  may actually take a backseat. There’s body-surfing, boogie boarding, impromptu sand castle contests, tide pools to explore, and whale watching during the winter months.
  5. Kauna’oa Bay, Hawaii - People just can’t get enough of the tropics, it seems, and Kauna’oa Bay won’t let you down. The beach here is exactly how you would picture Hawaii: white sand, crystalline water, and swaying palm trees. All it needs is you!
  6. Cape May, New Jersey - There’s so much more to the Jersey Shore than what MTV showcased a few years ago. At Cape May, which happens to be the most southern point of the New Jersey coastline, you can take in the pristine coastal views, admire the historic Victorian homes dotting the shoreline, and take part in world class bird and dolphin watching.
  7. Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts – A few hours north from Cape May is the world famous Martha’s Vineyard. Known for being a playground for the rich and famous, the unspoiled Moshup Beach located up-island is a stunning example of Mother Nature’s handiwork. Red and brown cliffs tower over the white sand, and the tucked-away location is the perfect spot for a little “you” time.
  8. East Hampton, New York – Speaking of the rich and famous, what location is more associated with this social class than the Hamptons? Whether you come to goggle at celebrities or stare in awe at the mansions along the beach, East Hampton is a must-see. And don’t forget to try a fabulous lobster roll (paired with your Rosé wine  of course!).
  9. Clearwater Beach, Florida - The mainland’s own version of a tropical paradise can be found at Clearwater Beach. Appropriately named, this beach boasts clear waters that are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, parasailing, and more.
  10. Cape Hatteras, North Carolina – Situated on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the 72-mile stretch of sand known as Cape Hatteras is best known for its tall, sandy dunes and towering lighthouse. If you can manage the 248 steps to the top of the lighthouse, you’ll be awarded with an amazing view of the seashore.

No matter which beach you visit, the profile of a delightful Pinot Rosé wine is perfect for a day by the water. The flavors of fresh strawberries, pomegranate and rose petals combined with a fresh acidity make for an earthy and elegant combination that you can enjoy while breathing in that fresh, salty air.