Can You Drink Rose All Year Long?

You already know if you can drink rose all day (or at least any time of day! Moderation is our friend!). But can you drink it all year round? Rose is summer’s pink wine, pairing perfectly with sunshine and long days. Can you drink it in the Autumn? Will people look at you funny if you’re having rose over the solstice?

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Perfect Pairing for Hearty Meals

Just as you can drink rose all day, you can have it whenever you like throughout the year, too. They’re not stopping in the Mediterranean when December rolls around, and neither should you! Who cares if you aren’t on a sun-drenched beach? Rose goes beautifully with the staples of winter: hearty meals full of meat or roasted veggies, stews, sauces, rich desserts. They all need a light, refreshing pairing.

Winter Pick-Me-Ups

Winter needs pick-me-ups. Those heavy meals need something light and inspiring. Rose has finally taken its place right alongside more “serious” wines precisely because it’s a year-round wine with versatile flavor and a broad range of delicious pairings.

Gourmet Roses

Choose gourmet roses both to rhyme and to impress guests with just how complex that summery pink wine can be. Finer roses have been surprising as of late because they’re an unexpected and satisfying choice. They combine complex structure with silky delivery that nobody expects to be in the same wine!

Spicy Food

The hidden secret about rose? It’s the wine you’ve been looking for when it comes to pairing with Southeast Asian cuisine and spicy Mexican dishes. Unlike most wines, rose excels at complementing spice. It doesn’t conflict with it the way so many other options do. It refreshes and stimulates.

A Winter Escape

The fruitiness of many roses will remind you of summer throughout the long Autumn and Winter. They’re an escape. Singing festive songs, looking out the window at light snow, the holiday lights making the night fun…it pairs well with a rose in hand.

So go ahead. Drink rose all day, whenever you like, whatever the calendar says. You’re in charge of your own free time. Enjoy what you enjoy.

What to Pair with Oregon Pinot Noir

The best Willamette pinot noir is the perfect pour for an astonishing array of foods. This is the secret strength of pinot noir pairings. It might be the red wine that you can use most flexibly in creating pairings that are thrilling and unexpected. Start with the tried and true so you really develop an idea of how pinot noir brings out certain qualities in unique ways.

Best Willamette Pinot Noir Pairings | Rainstorm Wines

Pinot Noir & Meat

Oregon pinot noir is straightforward, so the first key is to avoid overthinking your pairings.They all have a higher acidity. This means meats with a degree of fat goes very well with it. Think something like duck and other game birds, where the taste of the fat lingers to interact with the acidity of the wine.

In fact, pinot noir pairs very well with most meat. For a truly memorable pairing, try it with elk. One of pinot noir’s most exceptional qualities rests in how it brings out not just taste but also textural qualities of the food with which it’s paired.

With any meat, pairing it with a sauce that incorporates pinot noir helps bring the flavors closer together. Have your eye out for clever ways to bring pinot noir into your sauces.

Pinot Noir & Vegetarian Options

Many fruits, vegetables, and nuts work incredibly well as pinot noir pairings. Think of hazelnuts and roasted root vegetables: beets, yams, artichoke.

You can also try this in the form of soup. Most squash soups go exceedingly well with a pinot noir pairing, especially when they retain some of their natural sweetness. Once you get a feel for it, try it with a squash soup that has both sweetness and spice. The pinot noir can accentuate each flavor for a rare mouthfeel.

The Rare Red for Fish

One great part of Oregon is the amount of fresh fish available. Fish is normally reserved to pair with white wines, but the best Willamette pinot noir has a lightness that can complement salmon and other fatty fishes. Some recipes will dry out the salmon more than others. Pinot noir should be used with recipes that let the salmon retain its oiliness.

The fun of pinot noir pairings is learning the taste well enough that you develop your own, unique pairings. Once you try some of these suggestions, be brave and adjust recipes to incorporate pinot noir as a pairing in inventive ways!

Is Wine Really Better with Age?

One of the common misconceptions many people have about wine is that the older it is, the better it is. No! Most wine is produced to be enjoyed without having to undergo an aging process; in other words, young wine is meant to be imbibed right away. If you’re still wondering when to drink wine, read on for a more detailed explanation.

When to Drink Wine | Young Wine | Rainstorm Wines

Simply put, wine isn’t a priceless heirloom or antique that’s going to appreciate in value (99.9% of the time, anyway). It’s not going to taste 100 times better because you stuck it in your basement and forgot about it for 5 years.

Here’s the reality: most winemakers produce products that you can drink as soon as you buy. They do this for a few reasons, one of which is that only certain varietals should be aged. Most wines, from the time they hit the store shelf, should be consumed within 6 months.  Another reason is because most people don’t know squat (the technical term!) about how to properly age wine.

The aging process is actually quite complicated and involves a myriad of conditions that must be perfect in order to produce a well-aged bottle of wine. Those conditions are: sunlight, humidity, and temperature, aka, the holy trinity of wine aging.  During aging, wine should be stored out of sunlight, at a temperature of around 55-65 degrees, and at a humidity level of around 70%.

Not many of us can manage to maintain all three of these year-round. There are also other steps to done, like rotating the bottle to keep the cork moist. Truthfully, it’s not something the average wine drinker even wants to mess with, and that’s completely understandable! Nothing wrong with wanting to drink your wine ASAP.   

But if young wine just isn’t your thing and you’re truly interested in aging it, some of the wines that work well include the following: red blends, cabernet sauvignon, vintage port, and cool climate pinot noirs. Now, just because a wine falls into one of these categories, it does not necessarily mean it will age well. Before aging any wine, you must do some research on not only the aging process, but on the wine you’re considering aging as well.

When to drink wine is actually a fairly easy question to answer – drink it now! If you have a hankering to age some wine, more power to you. Just remember that the vast majority of wine is meant to be enjoyed while it’s young and at its peak flavor.