The Joy of Java

To satisfy our caffeine craving, we roast a mean bean in Oregon. Coffee is practically its own food group here, where we craft a complex variety of aromas, flavors, notes, and blends. We’re as loyal to our beans as we are to our scenes. (What Powells is to books, Stumptown is to coffee in Oregon.) And when it comes to fair trade and organic crops, we mean business.

The Rise of Microroasts

Brewing some of the finest flavors in coffee today, Oregon is at the heart of the “third wave of coffee” movement—a culinary crown of achievement. If Folgers was the first wave, and Starbucks was the second wave, then Oregon’s many local and regional roasters surely gives rise to the third wave of coffee in the U.S., with the fourth wave of microroasters not far behind. Read up on the latest in coffee culture in Portland’s nationally acclaimed Fresh Cup magazine.

Hobnob With the Experts

When it comes to perfecting our craft, Oregon serves up a hot pot of specialty coffee-related courses and ways to connect with the best-of-the-West roasters. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Those looking for basics on brewing balanced beans take courses at the American Barista Coffee School in downtown Portland.
  • Hobbyists and experts who share a love of complex coffee mix it up at the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s annual expo.
  • Those in pursuit of coffee craftsmanship enroll in the Barista Guild of America classes.

Morning or night, snow or heat wave, you’ll find Oregonians clutching their coffee cups on every corner. From Bandon to Bend and from Eugene to Portland, we’re swarming with cafes that cater to every coffee craving. You’ll even find us slurping down the complimentary coffee at most rest stops throughout our great state. That’s right… Our freeway rest stops feed our jones by providing free coffee.