Pedal Power

When in Oregon, “going Dutch” means ditching your car. Ever since Governor Tom McCall signed the Oregon Bike Bill into law in 1971 while seated on a Schwinn, 1% of highway funds have been slated for cycling concerns.

It’s one of the most whimsical ways we roll in Oregon. We’re serious about our bicycles here, and we’ve got the bike lanes to prove it.

Two-wheeled Travels

Oregon bicyclists fall into a few camps: fixed-gear aficionados, urban commuters, or two-wheeled family caravans. Oregon is a hub of cycling that works well in any gear.

  • For one morning every August, Portland closes down streets to cars as flocks of cyclists span nine of the city’s bridges during the Bridge Pedal event.
  • For a flashier joyride in June, they let it all hang out for the annual World Naked Bike Ride.
  • A one-week epic journey takes 2,000 riders from the valleys to the ocean during the annual Cycle Oregon in September. Also known simply as the Best Bike Ride In America.
  • During summertime Sunday Parkways, Portland pedalers glide through the city like they own the place. Entire routes are closed to cars for this family-friendly cycling affair.
  • In May, riders meander their way to the ocean on one of four routes during the annual Reach the Beach fundraising event, Oregon’s largest fundraiser for the American Lung Association.