A Haven for Hiking

A hobby for some, but a way of life for others, hiking’s an age-old Oregon pastime. After all, we’re the final destination on the Oregon Trail. Plus Oregon’s largest city, Portland, is home to the nation’s largest urban forest reserve, Washington Park. Beaming with civic pride, Portlanders go out of their way to explore and protect this 400-acre amazing urban playground.

Biped Paths

Our state features some of the country’s most awe-inspiring landscapes. While some of us are bold enough for backpacking, others prefer a simple picnic promenade. Countless hiking opportunities are here for everyone in Oregon. Here’s how we like to hike:

  • Roll down the nation’s most scenic highway through the Columbia River Gorge, and stop along the way to frolic through the forest on hundreds of unique trails.
  • Explore ancient lava beds in Bend.
  • Wander behind the waterfalls at Silver Falls State Park, Oregon’s largest park.
  • Spelunk through the Oregon Caves, carved from solid marble.
  • Brave the beveled terrain of Eastern Oregon.

From the lush and abundant Forest Park to the majestic Mt. Hood, there’s an amazing adventure (and possibly a rattlesnake) that awaits us all in Oregon.