Outdoors in Oregon

Some say we have two seasons here: wet and dry. Regardless of the sky’s mood, we always find something to do outside in Oregon. Whether we’re rafting on the Rogue, rappelling down a ravine, or even something less extreme, we’re ready for the next outdoor escapade. (Just don’t expect us to pump our own gas.)

Our Intriguing Terrain

We’ve got forests. We’ve got sand. We’ve got mountains, just no tans. We’re home to everyone from weekend warriors to compass-free campers, all ready to blaze new trails in Oregon’s great outdoors. Here’s where you’ll find us:

  • Slogging through the slippery leaves as late as December to visit one of our 110+ farmers markets.
  • Whipping through the wild waves of the Columbia in Hood River, the windsurfing capital of the world.
  • Making like monkeys and sleeping in the trees at southern Oregon’s treehouse accommodations.
  • Choosing our own geocaching adventures in 23 Oregon cities.
  • Racing down the slopes of the extinct Mt. Tabor volcano in the PDX Adult Soapbox Derby.

Whatever the speed, we Oregonians lace up our kicks and Just Do It.