The Best Picnic Wine to Pair with Your Hood River County Fruit Loop Finds

Looking for a great day or weekend excursion? The Hood River County Fruit Loop offers treats to satisfy all your senses. The 35-mile stretch features numerous berry farms, farm stands, wineries and cideries, and lavender farms. Load up on delicious, fresh-picked goodies and prepare an outdoor feast. But which picnic wine pairs perfectly with your finds?

Picnic Wine | Hood River Lavender Farms | Rainstorm Wines

Fresh Fruits, Try: Pinot Gris and/or Pinot Noir

Please both red and white wine lovers by packing both for your picnic! Pinot gris offers a bone dry finish; its refreshing fruit and honey blossom notes pair perfectly with juicy berries. Add some brie or camembert with crisp crackers or baguette for a delightful afternoon snack.

Rainstorm pinot noir is another great choice; it’s subtle yet bright – a wonderful accompaniment to berries, cherries, pears, apples, and more. Make it a meal to remember with a charcuterie plate featuring salami, chorizo, prosciutto, pate, and crostini.

Divine Veggies, Try: Rosé

When it comes to fresh vegetables, it’s rosé all the way! With fresh, fruity aromas and a dry, refreshing acidity, rosé is the ideal picnic wine. Try a salad combining all the produce you source from the Fruit Loop’s Farm Stand. Pack a cooler with goat cheese to crumble on top. Yum!

Lavender Treats, Try: Rosé or Pinot Gris

If you visit Hood River lavender farms, stock up on gorgeous infused goodies for your kitchen – or your picnic. Our current obsession: Lavender Cherry Pear Marmalade. Bring out the delicate lavender tones and amazing fruit flavors with rosé or pinot gris. Both are dry enough to complement, rather than overpower, the intoxicating lavender. Spread this marmalade on sandwiches for a wicked treat.

When In Doubt, Try: Rosé

Want a picnic wine but have no idea what treats you’ll discover on the Fruit Loop? Select a bottle of Rainstorm Rosé. It is exceptional in hot weather and pairs beautifully with fresh findings from your journey (even if those “findings” are takeout meals from one of the area’s terrific restaurants!).

Meander your way through the Fruit Loop. It’s an experience you will truly savor!