Wine on Wheels: Great Mobile Wine Trucks

Wine trucks: it’s an idea whose time has come. Food trucks have passed the “trend” stage and have firmly established themselves as a culinary staple. Now, mobile wine bars are driving up to cater to thirsty patrons. Imagine: you take your lamb tandoori kabab and slide over to a mobile wine bar for a glass of chilled-to-perfection Pinot Noir (yes, this is a red you chill!). Ahh, perfect!

Rainstorm Wines lists great mobile wine trucks that offer pinot noir.

A taste of our favorite wine trucks:

Union Wine Co. Tasting Truck

A downtown Portland favorite, the Union Wine Co. wants to make wine more accessible and approachable to people. Owner Ryan Harms says, “We saw a place for wine in Portland’s thriving food-cart scene and are excited to have our trucks join the community.”  As excited are city dwellers and visitors who have the opportunity to taste great regional varieties.

Chai Vin & Cie

Quebec is an enotourism hotspot. Wine lovers flock to the gorgeous province – and those in the know go to Chai Vin & Cie. Once an ice cream truck, it now serves six to eight varieties of wine, mostly locally sourced. They change them regularly, so each trip to the Canadian gem can yield a new experience.

Off the Grid

Located in The Yard, a year-round food village in the San Francisco Giant’s home at AT&T Park, is the fun Off the Grid. The wine bar serves regional wines and “small bites.” Pair the fish tacos with a light, fresh wine, and cheer on your team. (And if your team isn’t playing, just order another taco. And another glass of wine!).

Early Mountain Vineyards Airstream

If you’re in the Virginia/Washington DC area, sample the region’s best at this mobile wine bar. It frequents farmers’ markets, urban festivals, and other events where thirsty people need an infusion of fresh, clean wines.

Honorable wine truck mentions go to Deschutes Brewery’s “Woody,” Potter’s Craft Cider Tasting, and the Bulleit Woody Tailgate Trailer for wonderful wines and experiences. If mobile wine trucks haven’t caught up with your area yet, don’t worry. Rainstorm wines is there, ready to be poured into your waiting glass. Enjoy your favorite flavors with your favorite dishes – anytime.

Food Truck & Wine Pairings

1872. If you love food trucks, that’s a year you want to remember. A Providence vendor parked a covered wagon with pre-cut windows in front of a newspaper office and sold coffee, cold sandwiches, and pies to the press. Today, lines stretch as far as the eye can see for mouth-watering delights, from traditional fare to Korean BBQ, fish tacos, and tandoori chicken. There is something for everyone. The question is: what wine pairs with food trucks?

Rainstorm Wines lists the best food truck and wine pairings.

Pour a glass of your favorite Pinot Noir and start salivating over unique food truck offerings. Today’s trucks offer a global culinary menu, and complex, elegant Noir pairs perfectly with dishes ranging from eggplant and lamb and vegan enchiladas to green curries and gourmet pizzas with toppings such as arugula and mushroom. If your dish contains duck, goose, or chicken, Pinot Noir is a nice accompaniment as well.

If Pinot Gris is your go-to pour, the world is your oyster. And, yes, even oysters pair well with versatile. Find a food truck that serves BBQ, pork, chicken, hot and sour soup, fried and broiled seafood, veggie burgers, chili lime chicken kabobs… In other words, if you’re in doubt when it comes to pairing your food truck score with wine, go with bone-dry, fresh Rainstorm Pinot Gris. It will work for you. It’ll elevate even that hot pretzel with mustard into a culinary masterpiece!

Bright, refreshing, and light Pinot Rose has notes of strawberry, pomegranate, and rose petals. Its refreshing acidity makes it a great complement to a variety of food truck offerings. Try it with your hot sausage grinder, turkey sandwich, fried fish and chips, and pizza. Rose can be as versatile as Pinot Gris. If your local food truck drives up Greek, Mexican, Thai, or Indian, this Pinot Rose should definitely be in your wine rack.

Food trucks and wine: it is a perfect pairing in itself! Choose your favorite dish and pour a glass of refreshing Rainstorm wine to make it complete.

Best Wine Bars in Portland, Oregon

Willamette Valley wines are among the finest in the country; the Northwestern region is home to more than 500 wineries and is renowned for its elegant, complex, and subtle Pinot Noir. As a review in Wine Enthusiast emphasized, the Valley’s “soil and climate give the wines muscle, depth and – at times – super powers.” And, when you know where all of Portland’s best wine bars are, you, too, have superpowers that will amaze – and delight – your friends.

Rainstorm Wines lists the best wine bars in Portland, Oregon.

Our top picks:

Pour Wine Bar and Bistro

If you’re thinking wine bar = pretentious and pricey, Pour is a refreshing answer. Incredibly reasonable (and we mean incredibly, especially during “Poor Hour”), this establishment features an array of gorgeous regional wines paired with simply, and simply delicious, local food. They’re committed to small vineyards, growers, and producers. Wonderful experiences will be had at Pour.

ENSO Urban Winery

With open, lounge-style seating, ENSO is a perfect place to bring friends. It features a wide range of price points, meaning everyone can indulge. If you are a member, you can bring up to four people for a complimentary tasting with each visit. You can also enjoy a free glass of wine on your birthday and $5 dollar delivery in the Portland area. Not a member? It’s still a great wine bar with an urban warehouse industrial yet comfortable vibe going on. Hip and trendy without trying: perfect.

Southeast Wine Collective

This is a bit  more conventional than ENSO or Pour, and that can be exactly what your palate is craving. SE Wine features a cozy atmosphere, select Willamette Valley wines, a barrel room, and production floor. This is the place to go if you want to nibble from “small plates” – or if you want to make a night of it with a multi-course menu expertly paired with local wines.

Portland, Oregon is a wine-lover’s dream. It has a mix of trendy, affordable, high-end, conventional, contemporary, and off-beat wine bars. As wonderful,, spend a night in at your own wine bar. With complex, aromatic, flavorful Rainstorm wines and a great meal, you can transform any evening into a cozy, inviting event.

Why Portland, Oregon is Weird and We Like It (With a Glass of Rainstorm Wine)

Austin, Texas may hold the title as the original “weird” city, but Portland has quickly gained notoriety as the weirdo on the West Coast – and we love it! Portland is home to all sorts of odd and awesome things, from shops and restaurants to local scenery and people. Of course, we’re also known for our fabulous Oregon wines (including Rainstorm wines, naturally), but there’s nothing weird about these – they’re just delicious!

Oregon Wines | Rainstorm Wines

Here’s why we’re okay with that adjective being bestowed on our fair city:

  • The Naked Bike Ride: PDX is one of the few places on Earth where, once a year, you’ll find thousands of people riding their bicycles along a predetermined route WHILE COMPLETELY NAKED. Let us repeat that: everyone is completely naked. As in, zero clothes. On bikes. En mass. ‘Nuff said.
  • The Horse Project: Do you like horses? How about tiny, colorful plastic horses tethered to rings scattered along city sidewalks? Well, we like them in Portland, and this is obvious by the hundreds of maned beauties you’ll find randomly throughout our city. Giddy up!
  • The Giant Paul Bunyan Statue: Because who cares that he’s actually supposed to be from Michigan or Minnesota or some other M state? We love him in Portland!
  • Hardcore Scooter Gangs: The Hells Angels they are not, but it would still take a brave soul to confront one of Portland’s notorious moped gangs. Groups such as the Twist n Play and the Moped Army regularly get together to terrorize the city compare paint jobs and putt around the city at about 43 mph, tops.
  • The Peculiarium: Yes, we actually have an entire museum dedicated to the weird. Packed full of oddities like zombie brains and an alien surgery exhibit, this place is definitely bizarre but in a delightful way. And, it’s only $5 to get in. Unless you’re a dog or wearing a particularly spectacular costume, in which case admission is free!

We told you Portland was weird, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Of course, you’ll have to come out and see for yourself, and don’t forget to sample some delicious Oregon wines while you’re here! Rainstorm wines can be found all over the city, so stop into one of our weird bars or restaurants for a glass or five!

Bring Your Own Rainstorm Wines to Hood River, Oregon

Hood River is one of Oregon’s best-kept secrets. Okay fine, maybe it’s not such a secret, but it’s still pretty spectacular! The area is known for its stunning natural beauty and as a vibrant sports mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s also a great place to enjoy a fantastic Oregon wine, such as a Pinot Rosé.

Pinot Rosé Wine | Rainstorm Wine

That’s the beauty of wine, really – anyone can enjoy it just about anywhere, whether you’re in Hood River or Timbuktu! Here are just a few of the ways you can enjoy some fine Rainstorm wines:

  • Pack it with a picnic: Find a pretty place to spread out a blanket, then get comfy and pop open a bottle. The relaxing setting combined with the smoothness of the wine will melt stress and fill you will all kinds of warm fuzzies.
  • Curl up with a good book: Know what makes reading even more enjoyable? When you do it with a glass of wine! A great book, a cozy spot, and some yummy wine, and you’ve got yourself a perfect night in.
  • Netflix and wine: Yes, we know Netflix and chill is a thing, but so is Netflix and wine – and if it’s not, we’re making it one. Sipping a glass or two (or three, we won’t tell) while you watch something on the tube amounts to another perfect evening.
  • Poolside vino: Fruity drinks with little umbrellas are the usual fare you’ll find people sipping by the pool, but who says you gotta choose a fufu drink when you’re lounging poolside? A glass of Pinot Rosé is a great alternative, and you’ll look chill and sophisticated as you soak up the sun.

An Oregon wine like Rainstorm wines is the perfect accompaniment to your summer in Hood River – or wherever you are! There are lots of opportunities to enjoy it, and some of the best are the low-key ways described above. So crack open your book, start your movie, or get your tan on, and do it with a glass of wine!

How to Grow Your Own Herb Garden While Drinking Oregon Wines

What’s better than learning to grow your own herb garden? Drinking wine of course! Because wine makes every project a little more fun, right? Straight from the rich, moist soil of Oregon in the vineyards of Willamette Valley comes Rainstorm wines where we grow our grapes. So sip on some Oregon wines and lets learn how to grow an Oregon inspired herb garden. Herbs gardens are a fantastic way to introduce more flavor into your life, and you don’t have to have a green thumb to grow one, either. Here’s how you can start your very own herb garden:

Oregon Wines | Rainstorm Wines

  1. Pour yourself a glass of wine. Since we are getting down to the roots lets unfold and sip on some vino.Oregon wines will make the next steps even more fun, we promise.
  2. Decide where to plant the herbs. Herbs can be grown outdoors or inside in pots; they just need enough room to spread out.
  3. Make sure the herbs will receive adequate sunlight. Most herbs love the sun. If the temperature regularly climbs above 90 degrees, though, choosing a location that has filtered sunlight or afternoon shade will keep your plants healthy.
  4. Prepare your soil. If you’re planting in the ground, prep the soil by using a garden fork or rake to break up compacted dirt. Add a layer of compost if you have it available, or mix in a little bit of fertilizer. A small amount of fertilizer can also be added to indoor potted herbs to promote growth.
  5. Choose your herbs. There is a huge variety of herbs available, so think about how you plan to use them. Lavender and rosemary can be used to freshen up a room or even as a hair rinse. Basil, thyme, rosemary, and cilantro are commonly used for cooking, while mint and lemon balm make a delicious tea. Fresh chives, for example, elevate a simple farmer’s market salad into a perfect summer treat. Even more so when you add a glass of dry Pinot Gris.
  6. Get your herbs situated in their new home! Use a small shovel or even just your fingers to dig out little spots for your plants, spacing them according to the recommendations on their tag. Carefully remove the plant from its starter container, place into the hole, then add soil to fill in any gaps, pressing it into place.
  7. Give them a drink. Herbs don’t like to be kept overly moist, but they do need to be watered when the soil begins to dry out. Water the plants in immediately after planting, then continue to monitor the soil to ensure it doesn’t become too dry.

Once your herbs are stabilized and begin to grow (having reached about 6 to 8 inches in size), you can harvest them as needed. Snip about ⅓ of the stalk or stem, cutting off what you need with a pair of clean shears. Herbs grow best when pruned and harvested frequently, so be sure to cut them back regularly to ensure healthy, productive plants.

Now go get started! Herbs are easy to grow, beautiful, fragrant, and can enhance the flavor of even the most basic meals. Here in the PNW, we emphasize using fresh, locally produced foods as much as possible, and these are made even better when homegrown herbs are added.  And when paired with delicious Rainstorm wines, you’ve got a complete flavor profile that will make your palate sing with happiness!

How to Make a Terrarium

Pinot Noir | Rainstorm Wines

Instructions and tips on how to create a terrarium with succulents and cacti- a great activity while sipping wine and jamming out to music.

Terrariums are enjoying a resurgence in popularity lately. They’re gracing the pages of home decor magazines, they’re on HGTV all the time, and you better believe they’re all over Pinterest. They make a beautiful addition to any space, and – lucky for you – it’s actually super easy to make one!

You’ll Need:

Clear glass bowl, jar, or interesting container

Rocks or pebbles

Potting soil


Activated charcoal

Variety of small plants. Note: it’s best to keep ferns and tropical plants separate from cacti and succulents, as they require different amounts of water and types of soil.

Decorative items such as sticks, figurines, etc. (optional)


Small scoop or spoon

Rainstorm wines (because relaxation)

  1. Get your container ready. Thoroughly wash and dry before placing any of your materials inside.
  2. Prepare drainage layers. Arrange about ½” to 2” of rocks or pebbles in the bottom of the bowl. This rock layer allows for proper drainage when you water the plants inside.
  3. Put in the activated charcoal. Place a thin layer of activated charcoal on top of the rocks. This will promote healthy growth of your plants, reducing bacteria, fungi, and bad odors.
  4. Add soil. Add enough soil so each plant’s roots have plenty of room to spread and grow.  An easy way to determine this is by using the pot the plant came in as a guide.
  5. Start planting. Carefully remove each plant from its container, shaking off excess dirt to expose some of the roots. Using the spoon, create a space in the soil for each plant, adding more dirt once it’s positioned.
  6. Accessorize. Now you can add the moss and optional decorative items.
  7. Water and wipe up  your mess. Terrariums don’t require much water, but a few splashes just after planting will help acclimate plants to their new home.  Then wipe up any stray dirt and you’re done!

Grab your supplies, pour a glass of pinot noir, and get to work. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying the fruits of your labor and of the vine!