Can You Drink Rose All Year Long?

You already know if you can drink rose all day (or at least any time of day! Moderation is our friend!). But can you drink it all year round? Rose is summer’s pink wine, pairing perfectly with sunshine and long days. Can you drink it in the Autumn? Will people look at you funny if you’re having rose over the solstice?

Rose All Day | Pink Wine | Rainstorm Wines

Perfect Pairing for Hearty Meals

Just as you can drink rose all day, you can have it whenever you like throughout the year, too. They’re not stopping in the Mediterranean when December rolls around, and neither should you! Who cares if you aren’t on a sun-drenched beach? Rose goes beautifully with the staples of winter: hearty meals full of meat or roasted veggies, stews, sauces, rich desserts. They all need a light, refreshing pairing.

Winter Pick-Me-Ups

Winter needs pick-me-ups. Those heavy meals need something light and inspiring. Rose has finally taken its place right alongside more “serious” wines precisely because it’s a year-round wine with versatile flavor and a broad range of delicious pairings.

Gourmet Roses

Choose gourmet roses both to rhyme and to impress guests with just how complex that summery pink wine can be. Finer roses have been surprising as of late because they’re an unexpected and satisfying choice. They combine complex structure with silky delivery that nobody expects to be in the same wine!

Spicy Food

The hidden secret about rose? It’s the wine you’ve been looking for when it comes to pairing with Southeast Asian cuisine and spicy Mexican dishes. Unlike most wines, rose excels at complementing spice. It doesn’t conflict with it the way so many other options do. It refreshes and stimulates.

A Winter Escape

The fruitiness of many roses will remind you of summer throughout the long Autumn and Winter. They’re an escape. Singing festive songs, looking out the window at light snow, the holiday lights making the night fun…it pairs well with a rose in hand.

So go ahead. Drink rose all day, whenever you like, whatever the calendar says. You’re in charge of your own free time. Enjoy what you enjoy.