Bring Your Own Rainstorm Wines to Hood River, Oregon

Hood River is one of Oregon’s best-kept secrets. Okay fine, maybe it’s not such a secret, but it’s still pretty spectacular! The area is known for its stunning natural beauty and as a vibrant sports mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s also a great place to enjoy a fantastic Oregon wine, such as a Pinot Rosé.

Pinot Rosé Wine | Rainstorm Wine

That’s the beauty of wine, really – anyone can enjoy it just about anywhere, whether you’re in Hood River or Timbuktu! Here are just a few of the ways you can enjoy some fine Rainstorm wines:

  • Pack it with a picnic: Find a pretty place to spread out a blanket, then get comfy and pop open a bottle. The relaxing setting combined with the smoothness of the wine will melt stress and fill you will all kinds of warm fuzzies.
  • Curl up with a good book: Know what makes reading even more enjoyable? When you do it with a glass of wine! A great book, a cozy spot, and some yummy wine, and you’ve got yourself a perfect night in.
  • Netflix and wine: Yes, we know Netflix and chill is a thing, but so is Netflix and wine – and if it’s not, we’re making it one. Sipping a glass or two (or three, we won’t tell) while you watch something on the tube amounts to another perfect evening.
  • Poolside vino: Fruity drinks with little umbrellas are the usual fare you’ll find people sipping by the pool, but who says you gotta choose a fufu drink when you’re lounging poolside? A glass of Pinot Rosé is a great alternative, and you’ll look chill and sophisticated as you soak up the sun.

An Oregon wine like Rainstorm wines is the perfect accompaniment to your summer in Hood River – or wherever you are! There are lots of opportunities to enjoy it, and some of the best are the low-key ways described above. So crack open your book, start your movie, or get your tan on, and do it with a glass of wine!

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