How to Host Your Own Wine & Painting Party

Pinot Rose | Rainstorm Wine

“Paint and Sip” classes are incredibly trendy right now. You can socialize with friends and create a masterpiece, all while enjoying a glass of dry Pinot Rose. For any occasion, such as a bachelorette party, a birthday, or just any Saturday night, you can host your own Wine & Painting party in your own home!

A key player in your Wine & Painting Party is, of course, your wine selection. Rainstorm Wines are aromatic and inspiring. Even the labels make you want to break out a painting palette! Wine is an important ingredient of you party because the perfect bottle wine can awaken the Monet in all of us. In fact, art historians have studied correlations between famous painters and their drink of choice. When your guests are content and happy with their wine selection, the paint will flow naturally, even to the most beginner of painters.

Start by determining the number of guests. We recommend sending a casual e-vite requesting an RSVP, or a more traditional snail-mail version for formal parties. Another key early step is imagining your theme. This theme will tie in with the painting you will have your guests create (e.g. Seattle Seascapes, fall foliage, moonlight madness, etc.), so make sure to account for the different personalities in the room and choose a people-pleasing piece. Stop by Pinterest for ideas.

Planning your food and Rainstorm Wine selection ahead of time can save you last-minute worrying. Choosing a wide open room to accommodate painting supplies is also important. If you are uncomfortable leading the class, you can always consider hiring a consultant to bring the supplies and the expertise.

Before your guests arrive, light some candles and put on some calming music to set the mood! Your guests will remember your party as one of the most unique and special events they have attended. Chilled Pinot Rose and a canvas: imagine the possibilities!

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