How to Make a Terrarium

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Instructions and tips on how to create a terrarium with succulents and cacti- a great activity while sipping wine and jamming out to music.

Terrariums are enjoying a resurgence in popularity lately. They’re gracing the pages of home decor magazines, they’re on HGTV all the time, and you better believe they’re all over Pinterest. They make a beautiful addition to any space, and – lucky for you – it’s actually super easy to make one!

You’ll Need:

Clear glass bowl, jar, or interesting container

Rocks or pebbles

Potting soil


Activated charcoal

Variety of small plants. Note: it’s best to keep ferns and tropical plants separate from cacti and succulents, as they require different amounts of water and types of soil.

Decorative items such as sticks, figurines, etc. (optional)


Small scoop or spoon

Rainstorm wines (because relaxation)

  1. Get your container ready. Thoroughly wash and dry before placing any of your materials inside.
  2. Prepare drainage layers. Arrange about ½” to 2” of rocks or pebbles in the bottom of the bowl. This rock layer allows for proper drainage when you water the plants inside.
  3. Put in the activated charcoal. Place a thin layer of activated charcoal on top of the rocks. This will promote healthy growth of your plants, reducing bacteria, fungi, and bad odors.
  4. Add soil. Add enough soil so each plant’s roots have plenty of room to spread and grow.  An easy way to determine this is by using the pot the plant came in as a guide.
  5. Start planting. Carefully remove each plant from its container, shaking off excess dirt to expose some of the roots. Using the spoon, create a space in the soil for each plant, adding more dirt once it’s positioned.
  6. Accessorize. Now you can add the moss and optional decorative items.
  7. Water and wipe up  your mess. Terrariums don’t require much water, but a few splashes just after planting will help acclimate plants to their new home.  Then wipe up any stray dirt and you’re done!

Grab your supplies, pour a glass of pinot noir, and get to work. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying the fruits of your labor and of the vine!

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