How to Make Your Own Scented Candles

Why are candles still so beloved when there are modern conveniences such as lamps and flashlights? They are extremely popular because of the feelings they evoke. They remind people of a romantic dinner or a cozy living room. A burning candle may remind you of being a kid and the power going out. Everyone huddles around the warm glow, playing card games. That feeling of togetherness, of love and connection, can be made in your own kitchen.

Rainstorm Wines explains how to make Pinot Passion candles.


Whether you create a traditional favorite like french vanilla or bold new scent such as Pinot Passion, you can enjoy hand-crafted candles in your home or give them away as thoughtful gifts to loved ones.

To get started, choose a wax that’s right for you. Paraffin wax will ensure that the scent you choose burns clean and lasts longer. You will need one or more wax blocks depending on the candle size. You can choose essentially any container you want for your candles. Try going to junk/thrift stores and finding old, interesting jars (or mason jars) and using those. Take up-cycling to a new level!

You will also need a wick (large is fine, and you can always trim the wick to the length of your container) and a sticker anchor for the bottom of wick. You can find these in craft stores or online. In a pinch, you can use a piece of twine coated in wax and anchor it with a simple washer.

The key to candle-making is the fragrant oils you use. Many people burn candles for the wonderful smell, so if you plan on gifting your homemade candles, you should absolutely add a scent. Trendy aromas like Pinot Passion can add pop to any room. And as we slip into fall, a warmer, darker and more rich-smelling pumpkin or apple is the way to go. Remember to add your oil as soon as the wax is completely melted in the pot.

Making the candles is straightforward, and they will add hours of warmth and fragrance to any home. A candle made with love, a bottle of delightfully subtle Pinot Noir, and great company (or a great book!): it’s all you need for a great night.

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