5 Tips for Enjoying a Wine Festival

A wine festival is a great way to kick back and have fun. Make the most of each minute – and each delicious sip!

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Will You Be Tasting?

Know beforehand whether you’ll be wine tasting or not. If you change your mind there, you might not be OK to drive afterward.

In this case, bring along a designated driver. They’ll still have fun, and even though they can’t try the wines, they’ll still have delicious food and good conversation. Rely on this, or spit the wine out in one of the buckets that’s available. Even if you do this, know that you may ingest some wine, so it’s a good idea to…

Try the Sample Food

Sample some foods while you’re there. You can’t really get a bearing on which wines you like if you’re not pairing them with a bit of food. A regional wine tasting should offer scrumptious fare to highlight the gorgeous flavors. And it’ll help you avoid getting too tipsy!

Score It

One of the best parts of a wine tasting is keeping track of your favorites. Score cards will be available at most festivals. This also helps you note good pairings if you purchase wines.

You probably think going in that you’ll be able to remember the wines you like best off-hand, but after a tasting the chances are good your mind might be a little…unfocused. You’ll be frustrated if you forget all the details of your experience, so go ahead and write down what you like. Another good idea is to take a picture with your phone of the labels from the wines you like.


A regional wine tasting will typically have a very wide selection of wines, with different philosophies behind each. This allows you to sample a number of takes on your favorite kinds of wine, as well as a range of others.

Often, someone will stay away from a certain kind of wine until they find a take on it they love. A wine festival is exactly where you’ll find that new angle on a varietal that will make it one of your favorites.

Talk to Others

Wine festivals are best enjoyed when you meet and greet other lovers of the vine. Maybe it’ll be about the wine, or maybe it will be about sports or the surrounding nature or anything else. It’s a good opportunity to relax and be part of a spontaneous community.

Ready for your next wine festival? Above all – just enjoy (responsibly)!

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