Why Do We Celebrate with Champagne?

When we celebrate an important event or occasion, champagne is not far behind. Weddings, anniversaries, job promotions, graduations, New Year. It is the most beloved – universal – treat when we want to give thanks and share joy with our loved ones. But why? What makes champagne the celebratory wine? Let’s find out!

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Celebratory Wine

In days past, this may have been because champagne was so exclusive. From the Champagne region of France, it was the choice of royalty; it’s said that Palais Royal guests loved the way the cork came “jumping out of the bottle!” And Louis XV’s “official chief mistress,” Madame de Pompadour, was famed for ordering 1800 bottles for just one party.

Part of the appeal may lie in its history. According to legend, champagne was invented by a monk named … you guessed it, Dom Perignon. The cellar mater for the Abbey of Hautvillers, his job entailed eliminating the risk of bubbles, which would ruin the wine. He failed! He decided to sample the “ruined” wine – and he thought it was fabulous! He reportedly shouted, “Come quick! I am drinking the stars.”

The rest, as they say, is history. Or legend. No matter!

But as the bottles could explode if the sugar ratio was not perfect, champagne became ultra-exclusive – and ultra-expensive. Cue the Royals.

Why do we continue to honor champagne? Well … we can’t resist drinking the stars. What a romantic concept! And today, even as prices have decreased and made it much more accessible, we still love the prestige, the feeling of exclusivity … and the bubbles! It’s just special and has been referred as the “elixir of joy.”

Choose Wine

When you choose wine for celebrating, champagne is at the top of the list. A toast would not be complete without it! Tip: If you have a special occasion to mark, serve your favorite reds and whites and save the champagne for the big announcement, the toast, or when the ball drops. Cheers to celebratory wine!

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