How Do You Pick a Good Rosé Wine?

Rosé has long been a summer favorite. It pairs perfectly with sunny days, trips to the beach, backyard barbecues, and chats on the patio. The truth is, though, that rosé wine is essentially a lighter version of red wine. It’s fermented just as red wine is, only for a shorter amount of time. A good rosé wine will have a nice, pink appearance but will have that rich red wine flavor that we all enjoy. It’s perfect to pair with a variety of treats, including Asian food, cheese, fish and even turkey dinner.

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How do you select rosé wine brands that will meet your needs – regardless of what season it is?

To begin with, it’s always a smart idea to select your wine from a trusted region. Province, California and – our personal favorite! – Oregon are premier rosé-producing regions.

Should you be concerned with age? Some people believe that the older the vintage, the better the wine. While this holds for some types of wine, it isn’t necessarily true for a good rosé wine. If you want the best rosé wine, look for a fresher vintage. This usually means you’ll have to purchase a wine that was made a year prior to the current year. The fresher the vintage, the more delicious the rosé.

If you would rather have a fruity rosé, look for a darker color. The darker rosé has a more rich mouthfeel and can often be much sweeter than a lighter colored rosé.

The best way to find your favorite is to explore! Why not host your own tasting event with friends? Buy a selection of rosé wine brands, prepare some appetizers, and see which bottle comes out on top. It’s a fun way to discover your new go-to for summer, for picnics, for quiet evenings, and for just about every event you can think of.