5 Home Wine Bar Ideas

Home wine bar ideas can be as simple or complex as you want them to be. You might want to have something precise and ornate straight out of Downton Abbey, or you might prefer an unassuming space that’s perfect for enjoying wine while playing board games. It’s important that you stock a diverse range of quality wines like Rainstorm wines, and you shouldn’t forget the necessities: corkscrew, ice bucket, towel, etc. It’s much simpler to figure out a unique wine bar than you might think:

Home Wine Bar Ideas | Rainstorm Wines of Willamette Valley, Oregon

1. The Cabinet Bar

The cleverest home wine bars are hidden until you decide to partake. A simple cabinet can be turned into an entire bar. A great way to do this is to make the exterior fit in with the entire room, but to make sure the interior of the cabinet is a bold, happy color. This way, the wine bar goes unnoticed until it’s open – at which point it’s impossible to overlook.

2. The Cart

Bar carts range from the inexpensive to the wildly overpriced. There’s even a good chance you have something you can re-purpose at home. A bar cart is ideal because it offers you a great range of choice and everything is accessible. Store your best bottles here to show off. Gold or silver bar carts match just about anything. Make sure it has two tiers, and there are places for bottles and glasses.

3. The Comfortable Corner

Some of the best home wine bar ideas simply involve a counter and a table with some corner seats. A few wines on the counter, glasses on a shelf above, flowers on the table, sun coming in the open window, cushy corner seating, pillows to lean back on, a select choice of books or games…you probably have most or all of these things and it already ranks your home wine bar far above most fancy ones that forget about comfort and relaxation.

4. Glasses for the Occasion

Make sure your glass selection suits the wines that you have. You can also match based on how extravagant your wine bar is. Do you have an ornate home wine bar with special lighting that combines to recall the art deco period? Better have stemware. Or do you have a nice, relaxed corner with a comfortable, no-frills approach? Stemless wine glasses can suit this vibe much better.

5. Stock the Right Wines

The most impressive home wine bar won’t work without the right wines. Make sure your wine bar has a selection that matches the temperature and weather. Focus on wine brands that match diversity and quality like Rainstorm wines, and make sure you have the right glasses to enjoy them. 

Remember that wine is best when enjoyed communally. If a friend is coming over and loves a particular wine, all the fancy wines in the world won’t impress them as much as remembering to have their favorite on hand.