May Is Oregon Wine Month! Let’s Celebrate

In May, we celebrate a major benefactor of our economy. A bringer of tourists. A creator of jobs. The Oregon wine industry generates $5.6 billion (with a “B”, ya’ll!) in economic activity annually. It’s only fitting we honor our winemakers’ incredible contributions. And what better time than May, when the natural world is reawakening and bursting with beauty – and possibility?

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A Month of Love for Oregon Wine

Oregon Wine Month is a 31-day love fest that encourages aficionados to taste, learn about, and support their favorite Oregon winemakers. It’s also a great opportunity to dive into the local food scene as nothing pairs with a bottle of delicious Willamette Valley wine quite like farm-to-table selections, whipped up by one of our many excellent eateries – or in your own kitchen.

Our tips for enjoying Oregon Wine Month:

  • Visit a vineyard. Willamette Valley is a prime destination for folks who want to see how their wine is created – and, of course, sample the best the Valley has to offer. Take a tour, indulge in a tasting, and bring a bottle of your favorite varietal home with you.
  • Treat yourself to an excellent meal. As mentioned, our food scene is hot. Ask about great wines to enjoy with your locally-sourced and expertly prepared dishes.
  • Hit Walla Walla Valley Spring Release Weekend. Here, you’ll be able to sample exclusive, newly released wines.
  • Visit Willamette Valley, home of exceptional wines, including one of our claims to fame – Oregon pinot noir.
  • Learn about grape-growing and winemaking from Cascade Foothills Winegrowers. You can also enjoy live music!
  • Tour Umpqua Valley by bus as you sample wines with perfect pairings – and soak in the beautiful spring scenery!
  • Find more great activities and events here.
  • Take the opportunity to chat with fellow wine-lovers, whether they’re connoisseurs or beginners, you’ll be sure to love the conversation and beverages! The wine community is strong in Oregon.
  • Buy a bottle (red, white, and blush – just to cover your bases!) and learn how to pair them with local foods. Cook up a feast, pour wine for friends and family, and savor life.

How are you going to celebrate Oregon Wine Month?

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