4 Most Popular Rosé Wine Varieties

If ever there was a more drinkable, versatile wine than rosé, we’ve yet to come across it! Rosé has risen to prominence in recent years – thanks in part to its appeal as a summer favorite, as a perfect addition to a wide variety of appetizers, main courses, and desserts, and as a go-to when we’ve had a long day and need to savor some relaxation. Let’s look into some popular rosé wines so you can find your new favorite.

Popular Rosé Wines | Pinot Noir Rosé | Rainstorm Wines

Pinot Noir Rosé. Yum! You’ve got flavors of strawberry, lemon zest, white cherry, orange zest, watermelon, and even celery for a delectable treat. In a word: refreshing. This variety tends to be dry, delicate, and fully armed with wonderful aromas. It pairs well with herbs like thyme, and it will be the perfect complement to your famous corn chowder – or even a cob of fresh corn with butter!

Grenache Rosé. Sweet, sweet Grenache. You’ll enjoy strawberry, watermelon, lemonade, cucumber, and raspberry flavors with a zesty lemon finish. This wine will make your spicey, aromatic dishes come to life. If you love Indian, Moroccan, or Middle Eastern cuisine, this is the bottle to serve along side your creations.

Sangiovese. A taste of one of Italy’s hidden treasures. Sangiovese bursts with cherry, strawberry, raspberry, clove, cumin, and allspice flavors with a bit of a meaty note. It can hold its own with more rich dishes. Craving caprese salad and prosciutto? Chinese? Currie? Pour a glass and savor!

Syrah. This is a pink wine that acts like a red. It’s meaty, rich, and thickly textured. Let the white pepper, red pepper, cherry, and lime zest bite give you an unexpected experience. It is a must if you are serving lemon garlic shrimp, olives, anchovies, hearty stews, and more.

The best way to find your favorite is to sample all of these popular rosé wines! Which one grabs your attention? If they all do – even better! Just pair them with amazing food, sip, and enjoy!

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