Pairing Summer Produce with Pinot

You can’t build a table full of good summer food and wine pairings without Oregon pinot! Whether it’s pinot noir, pinot gris, or you’re blowing everyone’s minds with pinot rosé, there’s a pairing that’s perfect for each tasty treat on your table.

Summer Food and Wine Pairings | Oregon Pinot | Rainstorm Wines

Pinot Noir

Pinot noir is characterized by its versatility. It’s a red that can act like a white wine at times. Garden flavors are its forte. Kale is delicious alongside it, as are pasta dishes that are heavy on the basil. This makes pesto a fantastic choice for pairing.

Because pork is a versatile meat (depending on how you cook it, it takes on characteristics of red or white meat), it pairs beautifully with pinot noir. Venison or elk take on a mouthwatering characteristic as well. Avoid seafood unless it’s a fish with a very strong flavor of its own, such as salmon or trout.

For the best pinot noir wine pairing, look no further than duck. It. Is. Amazing. You can cook the duck with a plum glaze or make a cherry gastrique to make the meal sumptuous.

The best vegetarian pairing is homemade mushroom pizza and the best vegan pairing for pinot noir is a mushroom risotto. Or just cut out the middle man and go straight for a pan of garlic butter mushrooms. There’s something about pinot noir and mushroom dishes that is heavenly.

Pinot Gris

Like its red wine cousin, pinot gris is exceptionally versatile and crosses a lot of red vs. white wine boundaries. It’s full-bodied and helps tropical notes linger by way of an oily mouthfeel.

That means that the more “greasy” the meal is, the more suited it is to go with pinot gris: BBQ, french fries, hot wings, or any kind of fast food or takeout (but especially Chinese).

This doesn’t mean there aren’t healthy pairings as well. In fact, pinot gris finally answers that long-standing impossible question for summer food and wine pairings: what in the world goes with asparagus? The answer is pinot gris.

For the best pinot gris wine pairing, keep it simple and healthy: lemon chicken with a side of asparagus.

For vegetarians and vegans, try asparagus and cauliflower soup before a main course of potato ravioli with caramelized leeks. If you don’t feel like cooking for yourself and want a faster, more adventurous alternative, order meatless hot and sour soup and discover how perfectly it pairs with pinot gris.

Pinot Rosé

Here we get to something a little more unique and lighter. Pinot rosé matches a very bright taste with soft texture. It may be the ultimate summer wine. Pinot rosé matches a number of berry flavors with hints of rosé, pomegranate, and – because it’s an Oregon pinot – an aroma that suggests mountain rains. It’s a very cool and crisp wine, with dry characteristics. Chill it and break it out on your next trip to the beach.

As for pairings, this is a wine made for appetizers. Think goat cheese plates, crab dishes, and rosemary flatbread.

What’s a meal to pair with pinot rosé? Try grilled swordfish with a peach salsa. As an alternative, grilled halibut with a mango salsa is also top-notch. Push taste before spiciness on the salsa front, but don’t be afraid of a little spice. Pinot rosé balances it out nicely.

For vegetarians and vegans, let’s dive into desserts. Does it have fruit in it? Then it probably goes with pinot rosé. Fruit tarts and lemon bars are especially satisfying because of the way tartness plays with sips of crisp, fruity wine. That might be your best bet…unless you like chocolate. Now this is so dangerous a habit that you didn’t hear it from us, but try pairing vegan dark chocolate truffles and pinot rosé.

What’s on your menu this summer?