What’s the Best Valentine’s Day Wine?

The big day is coming up: Valentine’s Day! Do you need a way to make it even more special for you and your love? We’ve got it. Choose the perfect Valentine’s Day wine and you’ll create a romantic, magical evening to remember.

Valentine's Day Wine | Pinot Noir Taste Profile | Rainstorm Wines of Oregon

The Reviews Are In

What is the ideal Valentine’s Day wine? Experts agree… it’s Pinot Noir. It fairly shouts “Romance!” In fact, Jancis Robinson, wine writer, says it is a “minx of a wine.” Oh, behave! It’s got a touch of intrigue, daring, and drama – perfect for fanning the flames of love on a cold winter’s day.

The color is red – the signature color of Valentine’s Day. It’s rich and deep; the texture is full, fleshy, and yet silky smooth; its aroma is intense. But it’s the Pinot Noir taste profile that seals the deal as a Valentine’s Day wine. One critic described it as “sensuous, often erotic.” If you read wine reviews (and who doesn’t?!), you’ll notice that few wines are as associated with romance and love as Pinot Noir. It brings out the lover in all of us.

Open a bottle and inhale the soft scent of rosehips. Savor the elegant bright cherry and pomegranate flavors. Appreciate the wonderful balance and harmony. And then, break out some V-Day treats. Pinot Noir pairs beautifully with lamb, filet mignon, mushrooms, soft cheeses like brie, and warmed bread with delectable fresh virgin olive oil. Prepare a feast or visit your favorite intimate eatery. And don’t forget dessert! Chocolate complements Pinot Noir, as does creme brulee.

Decant and Enjoy

For best results, don’t drink Pinot Noir when it is chilled. If your bottle is cool, decant it for an hour or two until it reaches room temperature. Then pour a glass and enjoy with your love! What a perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day.

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