What Is the Willamette Valley Known For?

The Willamette Valley, nestled in the heart of Oregon, has emerged as a leading American viticultural area. Our geographic features and weather patterns combine to produce intriguing, complex, and, of course, delicious varietals. This is an exciting region – yes, because of the wine! But also because it is a unique corner of the country that has much to offer.

But let’s start with the wine!

American Viticultural Area | Willamette Valley Pinot Noir | Rainstorm Wines


The New York Times called Willamette Valley the “country’s most exciting wine area.” Thanks, NYT. We know! There are over 500 wineries within 150 miles, most of which are privately and / or family owned. Winemaking is not just a business; it is a passion. And this is reflected particularly well in the world famous Willamette Valley pinot noir.


Every great wine needs a perfect pairing. Our area draws master chefs who cannot wait to create culinary masterpieces in our fresh farm-to-table culture. Reserve a table at the luxe Jory, Subterra Wine Cellar & Restaurant, Storrs Smokehouse, Bar Deux, or the Painted Lady for an experience like no other. The views are almost as exquisite as the food and wine. Almost! 

Natural Beauty

Speaking of which, the Willamette Valley is also renowned for its natural beauty. We are the land carved out by glaciers and made rich with volcanic soil. Additionally, this is a prime destination for those looking for paddling and whitewater rafting (from beginner to whoa levels), and we have waterfalls aplenty. Willamette Falls is a showstopper, but also view Silver Falls State Park, Butte Creek Falls, Spirit Falls, Wildwood Falls, and Munson Creek Falls to be awe-inspired.

In addition to being a prime American viticultural area, Willamette Valley also grows some gorgeous lawns. We grow more turf and forage grass than anywhere else in the world and produce sought-after grass seed. (If that’s a question on Trivia Night, you’re welcome.) The grass really is greener here! We’ve got culture, too: for example, a large number of Bavarian immigrants settled in the area, and in spring, you’ll get your fill of tulips, wooden shoes, hopped beers, and lederhosen.

This is a charming, unique, quirky locale – and we wouldn’t change a thing! Whether you’re a resident who wants to play tourist or a visitor who wants to explore, grab a bottle of Willamette Valley pinot noir and enjoy!