5 Tips for a Fun Willamette River Paddling Trip

River paddling has become extremely popular in the last handful of years, and for good reason. There is a river that is perfect for paddlers of every experience level, from novices to experts. The amazing views you’ll find on the Willamette River are ideal if you’re looking for a relaxing paddle that has beautiful, sweeping vistas and all the flora and fauna you could ever want to see. Keep your eyes open and you’ll even find some wildlife using the river for refreshment.

Willamette River | Rainstorm Wines

If you want to try a paddle down the Willamette River, here are five tips that can help to make your trip go smoothly and be enjoyable.

  1. Make sure you pack correctly for an overnight trip. If you plan on paddling down a long stretch, you may want to spend the night camping. Bring everything you’ll need, including a tent, sleeping bag and enough food to ensure you’re comfortable and covered during the nights, which can get cool on the river.
  2. Use a guidebook. Even if you’re someone who has a great deal of experience paddling it’s always a good idea to bring a guidebook with you. Guidebooks will not only help to keep you on the right path, they also help show you when the best float times are so you’ll be able to enjoy a riverside siesta!
  3. Keep your eyes out! There are all sorts of unique sights to see on the Willamette River including petrified wood and agate. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to take home a shiny gemstone as a souvenir.
  4. Bring water! Paddling and soaking up the sun for long periods of time can make you extremely thirsty. Don’t get dehydrated.
  5. Have fun! You may find that you’re tired after paddling a number of hours, or you’re getting warm. The joy should be found in the journey, so slow down if you need to, dip a toe in the water, or stop on the side of the river and enjoy a bottle of Rainstorm wines responsibly.

Are you excited for your next Willamette River paddle?