How Many AVAs Are in Oregon?

How many Oregon wine regions are there? This can be answered by understanding how many AVAs, or American Viticultural Areas, there are in the state. These are based on climate, soil types, elevation ranges, weather, and other factors that help influence what will grow in that area. Who decides this? They’re named by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. 

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Oregon Wine Regions

There are currently a total of 19 AVAs in Oregon. Rainstorm Estate Vineyard and Winery is located in the newest one, the Van Duzer Corridor AVA. It lies in the heart of the Willamette Valley. The 60,000-acre area stretches west to northwest of Salem, between Polk and Yamhill countries.

Each AVA Is Unique

It’s the soil and wind that makes this newest of Oregon AVAs so unique. The soil is a marine sediment that remains from prehistoric times, and the winds bring cool nights in quickly. The salty Pacific Ocean air sweeps into the Eola-Amity Hills and is funneled southward through the corridor’s more gently rolling hills. Every afternoon, as temperatures change, you can feel that cool, refreshing wind come through.

Specialties of the Newest AVA

This rare combination of soil and climate makes for exquisite grape growing conditions. Grapes in the Van Duzer Corridor AVA tend to offer complex tastes. The soil and climate deliver nicely acidic wines that pair with both summer foods like BBQ, and rich, hearty winter meals. Of all Oregon wine regions, the Van Duzer Corridor offers the best Pinot gris, Pinot noir, and Pinot noir rose in the state.

Are More Regions on the Way?

Part of what makes Oregon so special is the sheer range of environments and climates the state has. Beyond the 19 current Oregon AVAs, there are an additional four up for consideration. These are Laurelwood, Lower Long Tom, Mount Pisgah, and Tualatin Hills.

Oregon wine regions offer brilliant range and beautiful landscapes. Be sure that the new Van Duzer Corridor is on your list of must-visits. You can see for miles, and the warming sun and refreshing breeze keep the summer days perfect.