Why Drink White Wine in the Winter

It’s winter. It’s cold out. You order or serve yourself a white wine. That’s when your friend gives you the look. What kind of monster are you! They look outside, then to the glass in your hand, with wide, urgent eyes, as if they don’t even want to give voice to the faux pas you’re embracing. Relax! There’s no season for white vs. red wine. Next time your friend gives you that look, hit them with some winter white wine facts!

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History’s on Your Side

The oldest known white wine was made in the Zagros mountains of the Middle East 7,500 years ago. The ancient villages in that mountain range get plenty cold in winter. That means the most traditional possible way of enjoying white wine is year-round, even when there’s snow on the ground.

Complementing Hearty Meals

The food we eat in the winter tends to be richer and fattier. Full-bodied reds don’t have the acidity of a crisp winter white wine. When you’re having comfort food that gets you through the long cold months, there’s often nothing better than a white wine with an acidic element that complements these hearty meals.

Let it Warm Just a Bit

White wine doesn’t have to be kept especially cold. The ideal serving temperature for white wine is usually between 49 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. A home fridge is usually too cold at 40 degrees. This is why using a wine cooler benefits the full taste and aromas of the wine. An alternative is taking it out of the fridge and letting it sit on the counter 20-30 minutes before drinking. The point is, white wine shouldn’t be frigid when you drink it. That dismantles one of the chief arguments against winter white wine then and there.

A Different Mood

Sometimes it’s great to sit at the window, looking out at the gray sky and a snowstorm, wrapped in a blanket with a roaring fire a few feet away, with your dog at your feet as you knit, read a book of poetry, contemplate existence. Red wines are perfect for this.

Other times, you want to get up and play in the snow, build a fort and have a snowball fight, go snow hiking, or walk around to see the holiday lights. When it comes to white vs. red wine, white wine clearly holds the advantage here. There are different moods for the season, and you should enjoy both of them as you want. White wine suits some moments, and red wine has its own moments.

Why close off something you enjoy for an entire season? Next time your friend gives you that look, hand them their own glass of white wine. They’re just jealous.