Pairing Wine with Your New Year’s Resolutions

Are you making some New Year’s resolutions? Celebrate them with wine! In fact, pairing a wine with a resolution can be a great way to treat that goal like it’s something fun, and not just some task you gave yourself. But what wine pairs with which resolution? A wine pairing guide for resolutions is what you need to ring in the New Year.

New Year's Resolutions | Wine Pairing Guide | Rainstorm Wines

Track your finances. Reign in your credit. Get out of debt.

New Year’s resolutions that center on your finances mean learning how to enjoy yourself without breaking the bank. Drink something that’s rich in flavor, not in cost. A malbec can offer a complex, refined world of tastes. Fruit like blackberry, plum, and cherry meet a leathery, peppery mouthfeel that seems to slow the entire world down around you.

Work out. Hike more. Get to the gym.

New Year’s resolutions that center around health and fitness should be rung in with a lighter wine. Vinho Verde translates to “green wine.” It’s a crisp and delicious white wine from Portugal. Its texture dances across the tongue, while its alcohol content is lighter and has fewer calories. It’s a delicious sipping wine with crispness and clarity tailor made for celebrating the New Year.

Make more personal time. Get enough sleep. Read more.

Resolutions that center on improving the quality of your own time mean that you should drink something with an introspective quality. A soft yet structured pinot noir is exactly what you need to start valuing yourself more than you have been. It’s the perfect wine for curling up and treating yourself well.

Make friends. Learn a hobby. Go out more.

If your resolutions are centered around becoming more social, then the wine you drink doesn’t matter as much as who you’re drinking it with. A wine pairing guide can help, but sharing what each of you like is going to be most fun. That said, if you need some ideas, find wines off the beaten path that you can talk about together. A robust cabernet sauvignon that balances its deep fruit flavors with some minerality can make everyone smile. If you prefer a white wine instead, try an organic sparkling white wine for that final countdown to the new year.

Let’s make 2019 the year we achieve our New Year’s resolutions!