The Best Wines to Pair with Grilled Salmon

There’s no single wine that’s absolutely right for a particular pairing. Chances are, there will be a range for you to enjoy when wine pairing with fish. This gives you plenty of delicious options. Whether pinot pairings or something else, different choices will give the meal a unique flavor and attitude. This means you can be creative in your pairing approach! Experiment!

wine pairing with fish, pinot pairings

Salmon has a depth of taste, so it pairs very well with a richer white wine. You may not have thought of it before – fish and white wine is so ingrained as a rule – but lighter reds can work wonders, too.

Pinot Noir

This is the most tried-and-true pairing. The wine has rich fruit flavors and gentle spice tastes. The salmon’s preparation matters a great deal when choosing pinot pairings. If the fish is prepared in a simpler, more traditional or savory style, or over charcoal, then the salmon will taste bold. A wine with a pronounced cherry and hint of spice turns the entire experience succulent.

Don’t go too oaky with your pinot pairings. An oaky pinot noir will overwhelm the flavor of the fish and won’t be a pleasant choice. A bit of oak is OK and part of what provides that light spice. Just don’t go overboard with it.

Pinot Gris

Wine pairing with fish is about complementary flavors. Pinot gris boasts flavors that lean into the tropical variety, delivered with a complex texture. It’s not only its taste that works well with salmon; the mouthfeel is exceptional, too.

Pinot gris goes well with salmon that’s been prepared with mustard or ginger flavors or that has salad as a side.

Pinot Rosé

Wine pairing with fish doesn’t often bring reds to mind, but a very fruity, pink pinot rosé often has a delicious, melon taste to it. This is one of the very best matches you can make with salmon.

This works well particularly when there are grilled vegetable sides, or the dish includes grilled vegetables. Grilled salmon tacos are also popular, and people are finally brave enough to try making them at home. Pinot rosé is absolutely the best pairing with these.

Who’s hungry?! Wine pairing with fish needn’t be intimidating. Explore and see what strikes your fancy – and your palette.