25 Funky Holiday Gift Ideas

The best holiday gift ideas are presents that can be shared with others. This is why wine for the holidays is always so popular. Other gifts might include something handmade or those that help others. Gifts help us draw closer. Here are 25 ways to do just that:

Holiday Gift Ideas | Wine for the Holidays | Rainstorm Wines

1. Donation to Charity: For those who can’t stop giving of themselves, make a donation to to their favorite charity in their name.

2. Book of Local Art: A book featuring local art that can be seen in person gives your recipient a checklist of fun trips!

3. Tea: Tea lovers like nothing better than to try new varieties. Get an idea of whether they enjoy herbals, caffeinated teas, or just like to experiment with new flavors.

4. Brownie Mix: What’s better than brownies? Making brownies together! Mixes are easy to add to, and their simplicity ensures that baking can be social.

5. A News Subscription: It’s more important than ever to be informed. A subscription to a favorite newspaper means a lot.

6. Wine for the Holidays: After reading the news, you might want some wine! It’s always more delicious when you can throw around words like “bouquet,” “tannic,” and “mouthfeel” with a friend afterward.

7. Chocolates & Wine: It’s astounding the number of people who haven’t paired chocolate and wine together yet. They’re missing out. Unique dark chocolates with the right wine pairing can draw out flavors you never even thought of tasting.

8. Drawing Supplies: By the same token, art can be extremely social. Go on a trip to a garden, the shore, the mountains, or the woods and start drawing together.

9. Painting Classes: Same thing here, except more structured. Painting classes can help you pursue a way of de-stressing while developing a talent.

10. Workshops: More hands on? There are workshops for everything these days. Learn to make candles, fish, create, intricate dessert decorations, or become a metalsmith.

11. Self-Defense Classes: A lot of people would love to know more self-defense. It’s a good way to stay safe and be more confident. Try taking the class together!

12. Honey: Honey is flavored by the flowers the bees feed on. They can be further flavored with nuts, cinnamon, and other additions.

13. Flavored Olive Oils: Cooks will love espresso, rosemary, chili, and truffle olive oils. Each can give a familiar dish an incredible amount of new flavor.

14. Board Games: Anyone out there who likes board games has another that they want. Find out what it is, and you’ll be their hero. Just be sure you’re ready to play it with them.

15. New Wallets: Everyone keeps their wallets way too long. Chances are they don’t even need 90% of what’s in there. Try streamlined wallets that are thinner and easier to carry.

16. Coloring Books for Adults: This is so 2015, right? Who cares? These are still superb gifts to help relax in stressful times.

17. Translated Books: Is there a book series that’s hard to get because it’s translated? Seek it out – few holiday gift ideas will be more meaningful to an avid reader.

18. Chemistry Kits: Chemistry and other science kits are engaging educational gifts for girls and boys who dream of becoming scientists.

19. CSA Shares: A farm share can keep someone stocked in fruit and veggies throughout the year. There are also farm shares for beer, ice cream, and flowers, so be inventive!

20. Fully Stocked Spice Rack: If you know cooks who are constantly out of spices and only have salt and pepper on hand, now’s the perfect time to help them out.

21. Coffee: Let’s be real. No coffee lover has ever been disappointed at receiving…more coffee! A gift basket of coffee, kahlua, and either whiskey or Irish cream (keep chilled!) never goes wrong.

22. Incense: People who like incense will burn right through this gift. You can be sure it’ll get used.

23. Beautiful Throws: Blankets. Must have more blankets! In the colder months, you can cover pretty much every sitting surface with a ready-to-use blanket and still not have enough.

24. Dog Walking: Are friends having trouble getting home from work to walk the dog. Give them a month (or a few months) of dog-walking services so they know their loved one is getting enough exercise!

25. Lunar Calendar: This shows the phases of the moon throughout the year, a perfect reminder for stargazers who get too busy to remember to look up at the night sky.

Best of all, give the gift of yourself this season. Spend time with family and friends, taking the time to enjoy each other’s company – with a glass or two of wine for the holidays!

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