How to Pair Wine with Pizza

We love pizza and wine! It helps that wine goes well with just about everything, but pizza features cheese, meats, sauces, and veggies that are essentially tailor-made to pair with wine.

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How should you start pairing wine with pizza? Let’s start with cheese pies and go from there.

Cheese Pizza

Cheese pizza centers on its sauce and the texture of its cheese. The red sauce is acidic, while the cheese is fatty, making an already great pairing. Add a light-bodied, juicy Chianti for a very natural taste, or a Syrah or Syrah blend such as GSM for a more complex experience.

Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni’s spice demands a stronger wine. Its natural fat content asks for something on the acidic side. Aim for a Sangiovese for a classic pairing, a cabernet sauvignon for one that you’ll want to slow down to enjoy, or a Cabernet Franc for something new and unexpected.

Sausage Pizza

Sausage is a rich flavor, so it demands one in return. Look for a Syrah with pronounced fruit flavors or a Malbec that leans into its blackberry, plum, and cherry flavors.

Hawaiian Pizza

Hawaiian pizza has its detractors, but many love it, too. Here, a Riesling with sweet flavor is ideal. A Lambrusco can act as a good complement without having the same cleansing effect between bites.

Margherita Pizza

Pairing wine with pizza is as much about maintaining the theme of the taste in many circumstances. Sometimes it’s a science, and here it’s an art. A subtle, dry rose goes well with the fresh, garden taste of margherita pizza.

Veggie Pizza

When pairing wine with pizza that’s heavy on the vegetables, look for a Sauvignon Blanc that’s bright and crisp. The more variety to the vegetables, the more it will lean into this choice. You can also try Vinho Verde, which is a crisp, clear, light white wine that directly translates to “green wine.”

White Pizza (Our Favorite!)

Forget the sauce! Here, you’ll want wine that complements both the cream-centered flavor of white pizza and the focus on herbs that this choice brings with it. For this, you can opt for Pinot Noir or Chardonnay.

Other Choices

This hardly covers all pizza and wine, so get creative! A barbecue chicken pizza goes exceptionally well with a Malbec. For pizza with jalapenos, opt for a sweet Riesling to balance out the spice. For a salad pizza, grab a Sauvignon Blanc that features tart notes.

Who’s hungry?!

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