Why Pinot Noir Is the Best Thanksgiving Wine

Thanksgiving wine selection can be deceptively difficult. You know what you want, but this feasting holiday offers so many different plates that each deliver a different texture and taste. The first rule is that you don’t have to make wine pairing for Thanksgiving more complicated than it needs to be. Pair the wine to your main dish. For most, that’s turkey – and the best Oregon pinot noir!

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Thanksgiving Wine Should Bring Out Flavors

Think of it this way: the rest of the meal revolves around your main dish. The wine should, too. Some will want a wine that leads the tastes of every single dish on offer. This can get confusing, especially when you start trying to pair exactly with gravy, cranberries, and sweet potatoes. You’re looking for a wine that brings out other flavors; the wine itself isn’t the main dish.

So why does pinot noir work so well? They’re light- or medium-bodied. Something fuller like a cabernet sauvignon is too overpowering. It won’t set off right with the range of flavors on offer at Thanksgiving. A lighter wine doesn’t try to take over.

How Pinot Noir Elevates Large Meals

The best Oregon pinot noir will serve many of the same roles as a Thanksgiving side dish. It’s a wine characterized by berries, cherries, and a juicy mouthfeel. This can help bring out the moistness of turkey (and can even help save a turkey that’s come out too dry). It also has a bit of spice and a floral note that serves the holiday setting well.

Pinot noir works best as a Thanksgiving wine because of its acidity and tannins. It’s the acidity that creates that mouthfeel, and accents the juiciness and unique flavor of many dishes. Pinot noir can be understood as a wine that heightens many other flavors. The tannins go well with green vegetable options, too, which can’t be said for many other options.

The Best Is Oregon Pinot Noir

Oregon has a long history of superb pinot noir that avoids being overly heavy and holds its structure well with a range of other dishes. This is the best option when it comes to wine pairing for Thanksgiving!

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