A Closer Look at the Wines of Oregon’s Willamette Valley

There is a not-so-hidden treasure in our own backyard: Willamette Valley vineyards. Thanks to the region’s wet and wild conditions, diverse terrain, and loving care of expert producers, the wines of Oregon compete with any in the world. One sip will convince you.

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Challenge Accepted

Crafting delicious, elegant, smooth wine is not easy in Oregon. The area is renowned for its rainfall, not its sunshine. The Pinot Noir grape, the most common here, is renowned for its sensitivity. But fortunately, our growers and producers are renowned for their passion. They know the land; they know their grapes; and, without a doubt, they know their wines.

It is this blend of expertise and zeal that empowers Willamette Valley vineyards to deliver exceptional wines, including:

Pinot Noir: This grape is beloved; it makes up nearly 75% of all of the region’s plantings. Temperatures and terrains make a significant difference in the taste of the wine. Rainstorm’s grapes, for example, are grown on ridges. This encourages robust flavor and low yields – which imparts immense character. Fruit-forward, elegant, with bright fruit notes, this Pinot Noir elevates any dish.

Pinot Gris: For fans of white, Pinot Gris packs a powerful personality – in a smooth body. Rainstorm wines use grapes harvested by hand to avoid piercing the delicate skins. Pressed and fermented at cold temperatures, the resulting wine is complex, bone dry, and completely refreshing.

Rosé: This crowd-pleaser deserves a seat at the table when it comes to the fine wines of Oregon. The Valley’s cool climate ensures the Pinot Noir grapes are elegant and earthy. For those lovely fruit tones, we use a technique called “saignée.” This means “bleeding off” a bit of red wine juice after its been in contact with seeds and skins. The result is a more robust, structured wine.

Take a closer look at the wines of Oregon. Or better yet, a closer taste.

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