Would You Try This Mountain Slide on Mount Hood?

Summer is starting to wind down, but the fun on Mount Hood is still in full swing. The highlight? The half-mile Alpine Slide, which will send you rocketing down the mountain, twisting and turning through flowery meadows until you reach the bottom. Cap off your day with a chilled bottle of Oregon Pinot and you’ll experience the best the state has to offer – adventure and relaxation!

Bring your Oregon pinot to Mt.Hood and dare try this slide.

Okay, so what is the Alpine Slide? It’s a dual track slide built right into Mount Hood and featuring some of the craziest hairpin turns and S-curves this side of the Sierra Nevadas. The ski lift carries you to the top of the slide, and from there, you just hop on a sled for a thrilling mountain-style roller coaster ride! Most people average about 20 mph, but one thrill-seeker managed to clock in at 37 mph – we’re guessing they didn’t even so much as tap the brakes on their ride down the mountain!

Some more quick stats on the slide:

  • 2,640 feet long
  • 350 foot drop in elevation
  • Constructed of fiberglass with a protective gel coating – it’s made for speed!

You’re welcome to take on the Alpine Slide solo, but most people like to share in the fun with family and friends. The folks at the park welcome groups, too, and have even been known to host wedding parties who want to capture some especially unique memories as they head down the slide.

While the slide is a huge attraction for the Mount Hood Adventure Park, the park also offers up mini golf, zip lining, go karts, bungee jumping, and tons of other warm-weather activities.  It’s a great way to spend the day.

Oregon’s unique terrain grants us endless gifts. From the Alpine Slide at Mount Hood to the cool, hilly vineyards from which Willamette Valley wine is born, there is an abundance to see, do, and taste!

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